Welcome to Safe Mix!

Safe Mix was established in 1998 to cater the booming construction and related activities in the UAE. The company was established by the Managing Director of UNEC-Safe Mix, Eng.A Halim Muwahid. Safe Mix operates 9 fullycustomised batching plants at 5 locations (Jebel Ali, International City,Sharjah,Hamriyah Free Zone and Showka) and an upcoming one in Nashama.


Building lifelong, professional relationships,both internally and externally, based on trust,integrity, and competency.


Producing more with less through marathon effort and constant vigilance of cost and productivity.


Building an incident and injury free environment.


Employing people who continually strive for excellence by creating cohesive, collaborative work teams that perpetuate the “no gap” philosophy.


Delivering unparalleled, high-quality workmanship and service.